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Dynaball is a live game based soccer browsergame, where you can play live together with other players.

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Be a Soccerstar

Be a Soccerstar is a text-simulation based soccer browsergame, which combines roleplay and sport with strategy.

Be a Soccerstar

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WhiteTiger Games is a dynamically, motivated and new browsergame developement company. We offer every player the chance to play our games for free. You just need a Internet-enabled device. Our players are important for us, whether young or old, and so we work close together with our players at the development.

  • We can do everything

  • All from one hand.

  • Made in Austria stand on all our products

  • We work close together as a team

Customer Websites

Wir bieten auch individuelle Lösungen für Ihre Webauftritte an. So haben wir bereits für einige Firmen Webauftritte erstellt.
Wir arbeiten mit
allen gängigen Content-Management-Systemen, unter anderem Drupal, Joomla oder Wordpress,
als auch Shopsystemen wie xt:commerce oder Magento.

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We are one unit.

Bernhard Miehl

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Daniel Bründl

Chief Graphic Officer